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Roger Ramjets
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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Does it really matter where NZ ranks on this particular list?
No. If it was at the top it would just mean the other countries were even worse.

I'm willing to bet that NZ's record in this area has more to do with the specific challenges unique to NZ, than to any general moral failing on the part New Zealanders.
There is a moral failing, but it's not unique to New Zealand. Nor are the 'challenges'.

The list might be useful for highlighting a special area of focus for NZ's efforts to build a better tomorrow for all its citizens.
When the 'efforts to build a better tomorrow' consist of buying votes with tax cuts and cutting social services, it's not surprising when they don't turn out quite as expected.

Why Children are in Poverty
the evidence is that child poverty rose when government income support to them was cut in 1991. Exactly how much depends on the choice of the poverty line, but the short answer is ‘a lot’.

According to the July 2014 MSD report, Household Incomes in New Zealand, child poverty today is about double what it was in the early 1980s.

What is frequently overlooked is that all the significant increase occurred between 1990 and 1992. The poverty level was much the same before 1990 (and low) and much the same after 1992 (and high), with a big jump in the period when the National Government – Ruth Richardson, Minister of Finance and Jenny Shipley Minister of Social Welfare – cut back state support to families...

Having addressed the causes we also need to address the consequences. We have a backlog of twenty and more years of failure to tackle poverty. The consequence is generations of deprived children with poor health, poor educational performances and reduced opportunity. For society as a whole it is lower productivity, higher unemployment and more social ills including greater expenditure in the justice area and waste in the health and educational areas as medics and teachers struggle with the consequences of deprivation.
Does this sound like 'specific challenges unique to NZ' or just another example of a government abdicating its responsibility towards its citizens?
We don't want good, sound arguments. We want arguments that sound good.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Trials and Errors


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