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Originally Posted by Dr.Sid View Post
Indeed, it's almost a year (without 2 weeks) since we started our first lockdown. Wasn't so hard, but it was certainly a lockdown. Schools, shops except essentials, services, restaurants, all closed. Mandatory masks (of any kind).
At that time we had 142 known cases. Everybody accepted that the situation is dire enough to lock the whole country in unprecedented way, because of 142 cases (and based on what was happening in Italy).

It had great results, and we basically didn't have 'first wave'. The lockdown was both effective and in time.

Since then the willingness to do it again dropped significantly.
We watch the numbers grow, saying 'it's not so bad, it might also stop for no reason, so let's wait'. Today we have 15k new cases every day (10 million country btw.), and lots of people consider it simply OK, unwilling to cooperate in the least. To be fair, some are in desperate situations, especially small businesses.

Two weeks back, we had about 10k new cases per day, there was actual debate in parliament about easings, and fully opening schools from March 1st ! The fact we will have several elections this year, isn't helping at all. Parties are trying to outidiot each other. If by some chance ruling party does something right, everybody else will sabotage it.

There is also big influence of fake information on the internet. People just don't know how to process conflicting information, especially if it's also politicians and experts who give mixed messages.

IMHO best way would be apolitical board of experts, with regular media time, ideally every day, who would address individual issues.
Of course, for the media, bickering individual experts with silly and extreme ideas are much more interesting.

Only way to fight it is with skepticism and science though.
Natural results of having this government. Even no gov would be better. (States/counties could do far better job) Too many odd/bonkers/idiotic unexplained rules, completely botched roll out of vaccination. And screaming conflicts of interests like certain class off shops still being opened because prime minister has major chain in there.

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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Science, Mathematics, Medicine, and Technology


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