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Tags Ian Stephen , Jodi Jones , Luke Mitchell , murder cases

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Sandra Lean
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The girl lived in Kenmore, which is, in fact, over two hours' drive from Newbattle, where Luke lived (for some reason, having been there many times in my younger days, I thought it was just over an hour away).

Luke still spoke with her on the phone, but they had not been together physically since New Year 2003 - he and Jodi got together around the end of March, beginning of April that year.

There was no evidence that Jodi knew about Luke's previous relationship with her and an intended holiday to Kenmore in the summer of 2003 had been cancelled by Corinne prior to Jodi's death - Luke and Jodi were supposed to be at a sleepover in Midlothian the weekend after the murder to celebrate a friend's birthday.

The judge said, at Luke's sentencing, Jodi left "joyfully" to meet him that evening. Her mother said Jodi was "chuffed" to be getting out to see Luke. Jodi indicated in her diary that she would be devastated if Luke finished with her - it seems reasonable to assume she'd be equally distraught if she found out Luke was cheating on her, yet there were no signs of her being disturbed or upset in any way on the afternoon of June 30th, before she left home.

The theory about Jodi finding out about the other girlfriend and the ensuing fight getting out of hand was dreamed up by SIO Dobbie, but the interrogating officer in the Section 14 interview on August 14th 2003 (six weeks after the murder) was trying to suggest that Luke killed Jodi in a fit of jealousy that she might be cheating on him (even though, again, there was no evidence to support such a suggestion).

So, if Luke was cheating on Jodi and she found out, what reason would there be for Luke to kill her? It's not as if they were an adult married couple where Luke potentially stood to lose property, business, money etc in a messy divorce settlement - they were 14 years old. He wouldn't have suffered any of the more extreme emotions - betrayal, devastation, etc, because he was the one doing the cheating in this scenario.

In my opinion, the only way this theory is even remotely credible is if it was the other way around and Luke discovered Jodi was cheating on him. Even then, it's very, very unlikely.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Trials and Errors


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