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They sure are...
All You Need Is Love.
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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
But if one wishes to terrorize the enemy one can use names like "Hellfire Missiles".
In my experience, you use Hellfire missiles for something much less complicated: to kill the enemy. They do that nicely. As a 'terrorizing' tool they are not very good.

The scaring of the enemy is left to the Psyops folks, and you can find a few nice examples from the 1991 Desert Storm Operation: using the Blu-82 after using Commando Solo to announce that a big bomb would drop. And one did. That's scaring (or terrorizing) the enemy. I'll allow you to read up on the after action reports, US Third Army published extensive volumes of that, to see if that worked. Do Your Homework!
Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
John Bolton's plan for Syria seems to be for 25,000 Saudi Arabians to now go to eastern Syria to face up to the Iranian troops who are now there
Your fantasy that the Saudis would go along with that is risible. The Saudis pay others to do their dirty work for them in Syria.
Helicopters don't so much fly as beat the air into submission.
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Henri McPhee
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There is an interesting article about Syria on the internet today which may be true, or may be the usual pack of lies, by Maya Gebeily and Rouba El Husseini. This is part of that article:

He expects the remaining 8,000 residents of Fuaa and Kafraya to be forced out "sooner or later."

Not far from Abbas's estranged hometown, another communal conflict is unfolding.

A Turkish-led assault this year displaced over 137,000 people from Kurdish-majority Afrin to nearby regime zones, or even farther to Kurdish areas in the northeast.

Some of their homes now house other displaced. Around 35,000 of those bussed out of the onetime rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus have resettled in Afrin.
Their houses either destroyed or occupied, Afrin's original residents see return as a distant dream.

"I'm not optimistic. The more time passes, the more entrenched the demographic changes are," says Ahmad Yussef, an academic who fled Afrin.
Kurdish authorities accuse Turkey of ethnic repopulation, and observers say Ankara wants to resettle the 3.5 million Syrian refugees in its territory into Afrin.

The accusations go both ways: Syrian Arabs accuse Kurdish fighters of preventing them from returning to their northern hometowns after ousting jihadists.

Widespread destruction and complex legislation on property restitution have compounded fears of permanent displacement.

And despite calls to include transitional justice in a political solution, real reconciliation remains unlikely, says Diana Semaan of Amnesty International.
"Because there won't be a truth commission or public acknowledgement by the government towards the Sunnis or armed groups towards Alawites or Christians, there will be no accountability or justice," Semaan says.
"This is why Syrian society will be polarised and disintegrated, and why all the sects will turn internally."
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Non-USA & General Politics


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