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A pantheon of electrophilic groups

Originally Posted by Chris_Halkides View Post
When the nucleophilic cysteine residue within the main protease of the virus forms a bond with the carbon of the nitrile group (a carbon atom triply bonded to a nitrogen atom) within the inhibitor PF-07321332 (found in paxlovid), the histidine from the protease protonates the nitrogen atom of the inhibitor. See Figure 1 of this paper. Reversible formation of a thioimidate bond between an inhibitor and a cysteine protease is known in related systems, as seen in Figure 1 of this paper (J. Med. Chem. 2018, 61, 3370−3388). What I am wondering about is whether or not we will see other inhibitors with different warheads, such as the acrylamide group, sometimes called the Goldilocks warhead, because of its intermediate reactivity. Unlike the nitrile-based inhibitors, acrylamide are generally irreversible.
Figure 3 of the paper to which I linked last night is exactly what I was envisioning. Compounds 6a through 12a are derivatives of acrylamide. The nucleophile is the active-site cysteine residue, which forms a covalent bond to the electrophilic portion (the warhead) of the inhibitor.
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Originally Posted by hecd2 View Post
Just click through. It’s not paywalled for me and I don’t subscribe.

For week ending 7th Jan there were 1282 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID test and 712 where COVID was recorded as the primary cause of death.
Originally Posted by zooterkin View Post
That’s comparing apples and oranges, I suspect. Will check and reply more fully tomorrow or Saturday when I’m in front of a computer.
Originally Posted by hecd2 View Post
I don’t know what you mean by apples and oranges in this instance. Also the percentage of Covid positive cases in hospital not being primarily treated for Covid is 48% in England and has been steadily rising since the beginning of Omicron (from about 20%).
FWIW, here's what the article says:
His comments came after death data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a large discrepancy in weekly death registrations compared to the figures released on the Government dashboard.

For the week ending Jan 7, the UK Health Security Agency reported 1,282 deaths of people who had died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus.

However, ONS data show there were just 992 death registrations with Covid mentioned on the death certificate in that week.

For deaths where Covid was the primary cause, the difference is even starker, with just 712 registrations, meaning that 44 per cent of the Government’s daily reported figures in that week may not be true Covid deaths.
Which of those three figures is the one being reported on the website that GraculusTheGreenBird was asking about?

I have the answer. If you click the question mark in the upper right corner of the chart, you find the definition:
A new death is someone who has died from any cause within 28 days of testing positive for the virus.
So possibly as much as 44% of the deaths were not primarily caused by Covid (although Covid may have been a contributing factor in some of those). 992/1282 (77%) mentioned Covid on the death certificate. That leaves about 23% where Covid was not mentioned as a primary or contributing factor.
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In rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid–like symptoms
by Hayley Dunning, Imperial College London (2022-01-20)

Brain fog, headaches, blood pressure swings are being probed by NIH and other researchers

In late 2020, Brianne Dressen began to spend hours in online communities for people with Long Covid, a chronic, disabling syndrome that can follow a bout with the virus. “For months, I just lurked there,” says Dressen, a former preschool teacher in Saratoga Springs, Utah, “reviewing post after post of symptoms that were just like my own.”

Dressen had never had COVID-19. But that November, she’d received a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine as a volunteer in a clinical trial. By that evening, her vision blurred and sound became distorted—“I felt like I had two seashells on my ears,” she says. Her symptoms rapidly worsened and multiplied, ultimately including heart rate fluctuations, severe muscle weakness, and what she describes as debilitating internal electric shocks.

A doctor diagnosed her with anxiety. Her husband, Brian Dressen, a chemist, began to comb the scientific literature, desperate to help his wife, a former rock climber who now spent most of her time in a darkened room, unable to brush her teeth or tolerate her young children’s touch.

As time passed, the Dressens found other people who had experienced serious, long-lasting health problems after a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of the manufacturer. By January 2021, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) began to hear about such reports and sought to learn more, bringing Brianne Dressen and other affected people to the agency’s headquarters for testing and sometimes treatment.

The research was small in scale and drew no conclusions about whether or how vaccines may have caused rare, lasting health problems. The patients had “temporal associations” between vaccination and their faltering health, says Avindra Nath, clinical director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), who has been leading the NIH efforts. But “an etiological association? I don’t know.” In other words, he does not know whether vaccination directly caused the subsequent health problems.

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Lancet Preprint from Kaiser Permanente comparing Ve against Emergency Room (w/o hospitalization) and Hospitalization for Delta and Omicron.

Key numbers:

For Emergency Room
2 dose, Delta: 67%, Omicron: 43%
3 dose, Delta: 88%, Omicron: 76%

For Hospitalization:
2 dose, Delta: 76%, Omicron: 68%
3 dose, Delta: 93%, Omicron: 89%

Note that this paper doesn't have stats on ICU, ventilators or death as it collected admission data up to Jan. 11. Also, these Ve stats are not against symptomatic or asymptomatic infection but represent more serious cases seeking care.

Also, Omicron is quite a bit less virulent than Delta and this isn't part of this paper. See the other Kaiser link for that data.
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