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Shinytop wrote:


Are you for real? The SCOTUS intervened because the state law was not being followed. The law is being followed in California. Nobody made anything up. And Clinton was lilly white and did not deserve to be impeached?

I propose that Silicon be awarded the most whines about the most subjects in one post award by acclamation. Psst, Silicon, that is not a dirty trick.

Isn't the Florida Supreme Court final say of whether the State Law is being followed? BTW, they were just demanding a recount. Oh, and why didn't Justice Thomas recuse himself from this one, since his wife was under the costly employ of the Bush transition team?

The law IS being followed in California. Dirty tricks aren't necessarily illegal. But only a fierce partisan will tell you that this election isn't a power-grab. Hey, why couldn't the Republicans win just last November? I guess all Californians should thank their lucky stars that Darrel Issa spent his millions to buy us this 3-ring circus. Oops, it'll cost taxpayers millions to run this election. He dropped out of the race, now we all can pray that Larry Flynt won't be the winner.

And no, Clinton did not deserve to be impeached. Not for republican-funded character-attacking fishing expeditions that got him to have to testify about sexual behavior while he was a sitting-president. Oh how billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, creator of the Arkansas Project, must have wrung his hands with glee... either Clinton tells the truth about his sexual peccedillos on camera... OR he lies about it, and we get him for perjury!

And HEY, what about Jerrymandering Texas? That's legal too! As is what the Democrats did by leaving the state to prevent a quorum. It's called a parlamentary tactic. And it is perfectly legal.

But then what the Republicans did, using a Homeland Security system to track the Democrats to bring them back to vote.... THAT should be illegal, and the implications are frightening. Hey, I've got an idea, maybe they should use Homeland Security to FIND AND ARREST TERRORISTS!!

Diverting the eyes and ears of our nation's Homeland Security to find your political enemies? If we really are at War, I call that treason.

GEE... I wonder if the Justice Department will investigate?!!?


Shinytop, you seem like a nice person. But JEEZ. I said Uberroth was the right guy, wanted to elect Riordan last November. I voted for McCain, not Gore. I'm pretty moderate.

But yes, I do think this is a tactic, and I see a pattern of such tactics right now. If you don't see it, then you don't see it.

I think most voters in California see it as a tactic, too.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » USA Politics


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