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Diane Callecod, Msw, Mt

This claim was received in March, 2004.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in response to the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, as identified through your website. My understanding of the Challenge as stated is the JREF is offering one million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event and demonstrate it within the rules and conditions specified by the application (enclosed). Based upon the rules and my understanding of them I would like to submit my application to have my power tested within those guidelines. The following is an outline of those powers and measurability as required by the application.

1. The ability that will be demonstrated is the ability using a ten-step protocol to locate and identify locked emotion within the test subject's physical body. This locked emotion will be located using my hands and gifts. The locked emotion will either be the result of physical trauma or emotional trauma. This will be completed without any aqdvance knowledge of the subject's prior history of trauma but will be verified by matching a prior documented written history which will be filled out by subject prior to testing. A positive match will be a location of trapped emotion somewhere on the subject's body that will match written history of trauma already experienced by the subject. A begative result will be finding no trapped emotion in the physical body or an incorrect find.

The test subject will not have had prior work to release trapped emotions (psychological) or body work that could have already dulled trauma effects. The subject's will agree to hands on treatment (fully clothed) and release written history of trauma both physical (such as abuse, car accidents, falls, injuries, etc) or emotional trauma (PTSD, Abuse, Grief).

2. This applicant agrees to perform an actual performance of the stated nature and scope as stated claim claim on 8 subjects within a 2 day period.

3. This applicant agrees that all data of any sort gathered as a result of the testing may be used freely by JREF as Mr. Randi may choose as long as it is correctly portrayed.

4. Results will be felt and stated by the test subject in the release of memories of said trauma or physical unwinding of trauma patterns in the body.
These results will be verified by the observers in accordance with the rules.

Please accept this application for testing and my appreciation for your consideration in this matter.


Diane C. Callecod, MSW, MT

================================================== ======

Dear Ms. Callecod,

Thank you for your claim letter and Challenge application.

Please define the term "locked emotions". We are unfamiliar with this term.

If this is a subjective phenomenon, and not a scientifically observable one (but rather, an interpretive one), it may not be possible to test your claim. Emotions are subjective. If you propose that your demonstration will reveal "locked emotions", you must first define the term in an acceptable manner, and provide evidence that it is something that can indeed be "observed", under properly controlled conditions.

I look forward to your reply.

-Kramer, JREF Paranormal Claims Dept.

We received no reply to this letter, and the applicant's file was closed accordingly.
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk

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International Skeptics Forum » Welcome to ISF » Other Skeptical Organizations » JREF » Million Dollar Challenge » Challenge Applications


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