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Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
...- Note that we have three prophets who are still alive: Khidr 6000 years - Jesus 2000 years - Elijah 2900 years. They have lived this long and still hit....

Starting with would-be scientific, moving on to merely ignorant, and then further on to brazen shameless proselytizing, we seem now to have moved on to actual gibbering insanity.
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Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
Hello. Good morning Master. I am at your service. You asked me to give the best argument to prove the existence of God. Well I said 4 arguments. But you did not comment !!
That is a lie and you know it. I've made more than one post explaining why your arguments failed. You ignored them.

Answer my counter arguments please. Stop pretending they don't exist.
Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
Of course you just said no I do not accept !!You do not check my complete answers. And you only say words without a reason !! Please check correctly and give me the correct and complete answer.
Utter bilge. Just because you don't like my counter arguments doesn't mean they are without reason. Deal with my arguments please. Stop handwaving.
Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
If you want to argue logically and correctly, you have to give me logical, definite and correct reasons that my reasons are wrong. Or you do not accept God for these reasons.
Hilariously ironic. Multiple people have done exactly that. You just ignored them and continued preaching. You can go back through the thread and find my arguments or I can get them for you yet again if you like, but if I do that you have to actually deal with them this time rather than just saying you don't agree.
Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
Did you pay attention? Please give me your reasons for rejecting my theological reasons for me to examine. Waiting. Do not speak speculatively and without logical reasoning. Thanks
I did. You ignored me. More than once.
Naturalism adjusts it's principles to fit with the observed data.
It's a god of the facts world view. -joobz

When I give food to the poor they call me a saint, when I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist - Hélder Câmara
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Originally Posted by heydarian saeed View Post
In the 21st century, a number of scientists from Britain, Germany, Canada, and the United States have recently launched the largest computer operation to obtain a small picture of the created universe, giving thousands of millions of information about 20 million galaxies to the supercomputer.
And despite the supercomputer's rapid speed, it took 28 days for NASA's supercomputer to deliver a small picture of the created universe. The information given was about the expansion of the universe, the path of the stars, galactic compositions, dark matter, and cosmic gases and dusts in order to simulate the universe in its process of expansion and to determine the path of galaxies and stars.
"It's the biggest thing we've ever done, and maybe the biggest physical calculation," said Professor CarlosFrenk of the University of Durham in the UK. We have for the first time succeeded in having a simulated version of the universe. It is a version equal to the original, which is quite similar to the universe, and therefore we can have our initial experiences in the universe.
This is the world of creation in which we live. In this image below you can see the strings that form a strong cosmic texture. The distance of each of these strings reaches millions of light years.
This is the world of creation in which we live. In the image taken by NASA, you see the strings that form a solid cosmic texture. The distance of each of these strings reaches millions of light years.
To see the cosmic texture photo, please refer to this address:
In the seventh century, in verse 7 of Sura 51, the Qur'an speaks of this cosmic context in an astonishing way. And in just one word it illustrates this issue. The word "hobok" means firm and beautiful texture. Pay attention to the meaning of the verse: I swear by the sky, which has a string of strong and beautiful textures.
This reminder is part of my article. Which I have already left for you.

I don't know which research project you are referring too, but the link that you gave is not to any research paper; instead it's just a link to a load of pictures such as you'd find from any Google search ...

... do you really not understand what it means to give a link when you refer to any specific research project?

As for your claim that this was all predicted 1400 years ago in the Koran, that is of course the same old 100% dishonest theist argument that all Christians and Muslims make when claiming that numerous entirely general and non-specific words & sentences in the bible and/or Koran really mean things that we have only found out about thousands of years later through science … such as you now claiming that a sentence which says “by the sky with it's fabrics”, claiming that must surely be a prophecy for 21st century discoveries about what astronomers have for centuries called “the fabric of space” … see the following typical idiotic lying Islamic link/website -

But there is no actual “fabric” in space! … and there is also no “pathes” there either (where a different interpretation of the Koran apparently has that sentence as “by the sky with it's fabric pathes”. All that astronomers have found, which was, and is, exactly what they already knew about and what they were looking for, are things like dust clouds and remnants from exploded dying stars, super nova, colliding galaxies, and black holes etc.

I'm sorry to say it, but when theists like yourself make claims like this about the meaning of words and sentences in the Koran (or the bible), you are simply lying, and doing that with impunity as if you have no regard whatsoever for the truth.

If these things are supposed to be prophecies from God (or from Prophets communicating with God), why is it that the examples never give a clear proper description such as saying “what we can see in the dark night sky as shining stars, are all actually formed from large patches of nebula (which we describe below) that are composed of hydrogen, helium, dust etc. (again all described below) which collapses together under a force of gravity (again, see below) and which then undergo nuclear reactions (see below) and emit what we see as shining light & heat” … why does it never describe a star like that? … why does it only ever say something useless like “oh for the heavens have been mercifully filled with the shining lights” ?? …

… why does it never say something like “in the years after 1900 a man named Einstein will discover something that he will call Relativity Theory, and this will fully explain a force he calls “Gravity” as the thing which keeps all humans, all animals, rocks, and earth and seas etc. fixed to the ground, so that it does not all float off into the skies!” … why does it never say that??

… this is just like the equally mad claims of ghost hunters, UFO enthusiasts, and indeed people who claim all sorts of religious miracles, where, when they are asked for evidence, either produce nothing at all, or else they produce some extremely fuzzy faint pictures that really do not show anything clearly at all … so it's the same question again – why is their claimed evidence (just like your "evidence") never clear? … why is it always so completely tenuous and unclear that it could mean absoutely anything, or absolutely nothing, at all!!

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