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Tags anita sarkeesian , sexism issues

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Originally Posted by Emily's Cat View Post
Speaking as a predominantly straight female... rippling muscles and triangular form is sexy in men. That is sexualization of males. For most women, sexualization of a guy has little to do with his penis, it has to do with muscles and shape and OMG shoulders *drool*. Sexualization of women, for most men, has to do with secondary sexual characteristics as well - breasts and butts. Very little of the sexualization of women in media (including video games) has to do with vaginas (with the exception a handful of games that are explicitly intended as pornography).

ETA: Interesting thesis summary, but I still think it has missed the mark. Generally speaking, women and men seek different types of characteristics in men. They're less dramatically distinguished as we've attained a higher degree of equity within society, but it takes a really long time to change biology. At the end of the day, there's still some degree of men being attracted to women who seem healthy and fruitful - large breasts, ample derrier, solid hips, youthful, etc. These are all things indicating their likelihood to bear children that will survive to adulthood. Women still have some degree of being attracted to men who seem healthy, physically strong, and aggressive to some degree. These are all things indicating their likelihood to be able to provide for and protect those children to adulthood.

If you're talking about sexualization of men for men (in a homosexual perspective), then there may be more focus on more overt genitalia, buttocks, etc. If you're talking about sexualization of men for women (in a heterosexual perspective), we don't *usually* get all worked up over the bulge in a guy's pants . We might be attracted to a nice butt, but more women are more attracted by broad shoulders than hefty packages. Even more attracted to humor and success than shoulders.
I appreciate your perspective. Thank you.
"This quote was taken out of context."
- Randall Munroe
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » General Skepticism and The Paranormal


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