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Tags border issues , donald trump , immigration issues , Trump controversies

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Crazy Little Green Dragon
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Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
I wanted to make a correction to my post saying the Secretary of Homeland Security said the children separated from their parents were children not accompanied by an adult. Sorry that was not what she said. She said those seeking asylum and coming in through the ports of entry were not separated from their children.
They largely aren't. The zero tolerance policy can't be used as justification in that situation, after all. That point was fairly well covered already, though. That doesn't address the various other issues in play at the points of entry, though.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
I think since this is involved she needed to give a much more detailed account of what was taking place. She also said the media was not reporting this accurately which lead me to believe I needed to research and find the truth.
And I would give remarkably limited credence to the words of any Trump Administration official when they talk about how fake the "news" is.
So sayeth the crazy little dragon.
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Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
Didn't get to read the story, they want you to pay.
Use incognito mode on your browser.

I have no doubt the majority of children separated from their parents would have rather stayed with their parents.
The majority???

I'm wondering what these children lived like before their parents chose to break our laws and bring their children to America?
They lived in a state of fear.

Think about the women and children you read about found dead in the back of trucks, semis, vans etc. They cook to death. I myself find that terrifying, also the women and children who get nabbed by sex traffickers and all the horrific stories you hear about what can happen to these people fleeing their own countries to live in another.
Yes, what WOULD compel parents to brave such dangers to come to the U.S.? You'd have to have pretty good reasons to make a dangerous journey like that, right? What do you think those reasons might be?

I would love to see it stop and people be educated as to how to safely find a new home.
And people say liberals have their heads in the clouds...

I understand the emotion that got stirred up when many found out children were being separated from their parents at our borders but to be honest with you I felt the story was sensationalized.
Of course you do. After all, it was just a bunch of brown people. I'm surprised Fox covered it at all.

I'm happy they are checking these people to see if any abuse has or is happening to the children and only letting asylum seekers who qualify stay. Also happy they have a way to reunite these families and hopefully they find a way to make the changes at the border for people entering illegally to have a swift process.
Perhaps the families shouldn't have been broken up in the first place?

I've read some cases the ACLU has taken on and I hope for any migrants or immigrants that feel they have a criminal case they can get justice.
Before you move on to justice, let's work on getting the kids back with their parents.
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Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
I haven't found any proof telling me it was the Trumps Administrations agenda to take away the children forever.
I'm not sure it was the agenda, but it was a foreseeable consequence. Also some administration officials saw it as a deterrent.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
Can you show me where you found this information about the ports being closed on purpose?
NPR, for one.

After Traveling 2,000 Miles For Asylum, This Family's Journey Halts At A Bridge

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
They have given a recent update on children under five being reunited with their parents. Seems to be coming along pretty well.
They're under a court-ordered deadline and are getting their act together. But without public pressure I don't think that would be happening.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
I'm hoping Sessions said what he said just to try and cover up how poorly this was executed.
I'm not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
A problem with incarcerating these people if they end up with a felony is we don't have room in our Federal prisons.
I'm thinking more along the lines of arrest warrants from states, so a prisoner would go to that state. But anyway, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world so you're right, prisons in general are crowded.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
I mentioned money because it didn't make sense to me they would travel carrying a lot of money and bail or bond may be impossible to make. Yes the dangers for many of these people is horrible and hopefully this behavior will be lessened by what Trump is attempting to do.
What is Trump attempting to do? The majority belief here is that all he cares about is making himself richer and shoring up his popularity with his base.

You at this point know more about immigration than he does. Because you care about truth. IMO, Trump does not.

Originally Posted by ThoughtIsFree View Post
At this time I wouldn't be surprised if some people lose their jobs for what has happened.
It would in a normal administration, under better leadership.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » USA Politics


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