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Old 29th July 2020, 05:01 PM   #1
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Reimagine Oregon: A vision for Oregon's Future

Fresh off the presses is a new website and media blitz: Reimagine Oregon
From the about section:
So we decided to compile the proposals generated in the Urban League’s “State of Black Oregon, ”the Portland African American Leadership Forum’s “People’s Plan,” Coalition of Communities of Color’s publications “Communities of Color in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile” and “Leading with Race: Research Justice in Washington County,” as well as new policy demands from nightly protest organizers and organizations like Unite Oregon and PAALF Action Fund’s “Defund. Reinvest. Protect” policy platform, and Washington County Ignite’s “Reimagine” effort. Over a period of a six weeks, we asked elected leaders from federal, state, regional, county, and city governments one simple question, “What timeline do you commit to finally get this stuff done and who, in your jurisdiction, will lead it to the finish line?”
Policy Demands section has sub sections for Education, Police Divestment, Housing, Health, Transportation, Economic Development, Legislative-Process, and Community Safety.
From the Police Divestment Section:
1. Ban the use of breathing restrictions
2. Mandate a duty to report and duty to intervene
3. Disclose disciplinary records to the public
4. Prohibit arbitration from lessening disciplinary action
5. Demilitarize the police
6. Decriminalize fare evasion in public transportation
7. Prohibit use of fare evasion as a means for a warrant search
8. Remove sworn and armed officers from public university campuses
9. Ban the receipt of militarized equipment
10. Reconsider personnel public records requests
11. Consider the laws that allow expunction without costs
12. End 48 hour rule
13. Eliminate qualified immunity

There is more detail, but not much more detail, on the website. Whether these ideas are good ideas or bad ideas, I'd just like to say that this is where real actionable change can, does, and will happen. We wave a magic wand and make racism go away but there are tons of things we can do. Many of these items I imagine to be "the devil is in the details" problem as they are mostly general statements of intent without specifics but the organizations that contributed this probably do have those details. Without the protests, many of these things would have never seen the light of day. We have their attention.

The one that struck out to me the most was the fare evasion one. It is the only one on this list that is part of my normal experiences in Portland and just about the only interaction I have with the law enforcement. I have no idea what the actual revenue implications to this are but my guess is that it would be quite minimal as the people skipping out on fare are young, broke, and mostly irregular users. The people who commute are going to more likely pay. It would also make the tourist experience more enjoyable. It is small thing compared to the bigger items on this list but I thought it worth mentioning.
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Old 29th July 2020, 05:22 PM   #2
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So they took out university police but not the liason ones in the elementary and high schools?
I always thought it was bad to have such an automatic reporting to law enforcement of those that were so young. Just their presence and easy access is bad juju in my opinion. It doesnt seem students on the average- just anecdotal incidents that get crap like that implemented in the first place.
. (and maybe school know its all about $litigation and $insurance today!)

Also, there is "defund. reinvest...." on your list but no line item for actual defunding. Tightening, yes, but that would have already happened. Would they (defunders) agree?
I actually already saw a mention of defunding in Portland's amended May budget. I was sad to see it since progress and quality training costs money.

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Old 29th July 2020, 06:40 PM   #3
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Under "Demilitarize the Police," I would add, "and make training on the use of force an inherently government function." Get the private contractors made up of former special forces types out of police training. Only a certified police instructor accountable to elected officials should be training officers on how and when to use deadly force.
A MAGA hat = a Swastika arm band. A vote for Trump is a vote for treason.
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