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Originally Posted by David Mo View Post
Religion also significantly aids.
It was shown that a religious component is entirely unnecessary for good people to do evil things.

Originally Posted by David Mo View Post
Milgram's experiment shows that people are submissive to authority. Authority of religion is stronger than science for many people.
If you move the goalposts enough, we could end up agreeing.
If authority can make good people do bad things, then obviously it would follow that an authoritarian organized religion or cult could potentially make good people do bad things. As it would also follow for an authoritarian secular group.

This tells us nothing about the effect of a having a god belief or not.

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Originally Posted by Thor 2 View Post
In a recent post on another thread arthwollipot suggested atheists, such as myself, were guilty of using the same tactics as the religious, who were just trying to protect themselves from "the effects of atheism", as we atheists are trying to protect ourselves from the effects of theism.

I have some difficulty with this and wonder what theists might be afraid of. I am sure someone here can help me with this.
Theists are afraid of being exposed to common sense and reason. They want nothing to do with someone who says something that causes them to think for themselves instead of relying on some book or some minister.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Religion and Philosophy


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