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GORDON KNOWLES, Post-Velikovsky

Dear Mr. Randi,

Could you give me the name of the person in the Tacoma-Seattle vicinity whom I can contact to give a presentation? How much presentation time and material should I plan on giving? Half hour, five hours, a week, a month? I have over 30 years unknown reserach materials that needs knowing. For several hundred years this period of earth's prehistory has been shining in our faces, but not until Emanuel Velikovsky introduced me to his books, did I make the discoveries present mankind must see and understand.

This evidence resolves, once and for all, many of the unexplained mysteries of ancient civilization and, which are yet prevalent, practiced and or emulated in today's societies, worldwide. This is paranormal, that by definition is "beyond the range of normal experienc of scientific explanation". No scientist will be able to explain this evidence, something they have never seen or heard, but they had known, neither Carl Sagan nor Albert Einstein, and many other of the world's scientists, would have had a scientific leg to stand on. None of the academic science hypothesis and theories are based on factual evidence, including Plate Tectonics. I intend to show you their baselessness.

I note on your www that you make reference to the works of Velikovsky. Do you support his theory, his work? I do, only, I carry on where he left off. His reserach is brilliant, but his hypothetical conclusion is wrong. Had he the emprical paranormal evidence that I have for the last thirty plus years, his reserach would not have been ignominiously buried by Carl Sagan, et al.

Yes, nobody other than close acquaintances and correspondents know me. Since I have no yet published and of my many discoveries publicly. I will remain a non-entity. You will, I think, get me off the ground and flying. In fact, your reputation could soarif or when, you see what I see. And no, I'm not talking paranormal powers. I have none. I am talking pure science something that the scientific community needs to deal with, because it sets everybody back to square one after hundreds of years of search and much worthless work. This evidence also posits the origin of all religion. That will be large part of my demonstration.

In that I intend to take the prize of US $1,000,000.00 without having coordinated this matter with them, I would like to suggest that the WORLD BOOK SCIENCE YEAR Editors either be the judges, or, appoint judges in the demonstration I will be making.
I think they will be agreeable once I give them samples of my paranormal supernatural knowledge. What I have, modern man has no knowledge, is ignorant, but is of the greatest importance to science and religion.

Being eternally curious, what financial tragedy will you and your foundation suffer, if someone got the award you have promised to give? Should you go out of business? I don't care to see that happen. You perform a very valuable service to the world community. Now it can become even more valuable. Of course, I know you don't think it will. All this coming from this pompous ass. That's what my wife thinks of me, also. But she doesn't know what I have to give, either. Love her, anyway.



Dear Mr. Knowles,

Read the rules. No judges are needed. I will not approach the World Book editors for that purpose, as they are not needed.

You have not stated what you will actually do as a demonstration of your claim. Please do so.

-James Randi


Mr. Randi,

I do not exhibit my knowledge and discoveries to John & Mary Doe on the street around the corner just to be entertained. I personally expose everyone to images that were sarved into the Moon and Earth's surfaces that neither you nor the purveyors of academic science adn religion have seen, or even dreamed existed. What I am going to show you, our very ancient ancestors saw, but we moderns cannot see without a Lisk Observatory telescope.

My total effort is to teach and explain this truly paranormal science, but, at present, it requires a face to face demonstration
because, after all, I am talking about paranormal visual evidence, something mankind today is not prepared for. There are many ancient memories about this evidence, that no one else is aware of, yet.

I do not trust mailing my image discoveries which, although visual in form, are much like seeing puzzles without first seeing the full puzzle's picture on the box top.

I have no hesitation showing you something you won't believe until you seen it. But you must first see it. What I fear most is the mind that says "It's not there!" referring to the image many persons have seen there already. My wife is one who says it's not there, "but if it is, God did it, period!". For that reason, she and I mutually refrain from discussing the most important science
that shall shock modern academic scientists as well as create serious problems for all religions.

There is a need to demonstrate...I would bring a projector, my computer, and plates full of images the world must see and deal with. Of course, I feel that you would be assured of my presentation's integrity, if there was somebody here in the Seattle-Tacoma region to whom I can demonstrate one sampling of paranormal evidence, and who would evaluate and communicate his findings to you. That would help me and prepare you.

Here is my basic problem: I have the utmost confidence in what I have to show and explain, as a demonstration. But, because of the nature of my material, I am critical of the audeince's ability to see and recognize something that is precluded by minds with preconceived ideas about this Earth (I have empirical evidence that disproves Plate Tectonics), The Moon (the Moon had a mjaor role in the recreation of Earth's surface), religions and all academic sciences. For example, I must show everybody, everywhere where the Greek's legend of the Caledonian Boar - a god, not an animal - originated. This boar god's head, a 3 dimensional image on a 2 dimensional surface, is on the Moon's surface. The image is several hundred miles long. The image must be seen to be recognized. I have shown it to a number of people, but like the young lad up my street, who had never seen a pig or a boar, could not recognize this lunar image. Another neighbor instantly recognized this image and exclaimed, "Wow!" Another, "It's scary!"

So it is not judges, per se, that I am asking for. I'm lookijg for an audience. When I publish my works, I may have more audience than I want. An audience of one is OK, but not knowing the mindset of one person, I may get that conclusive explanation, "It's not there!" again.

This is science, not showmanship. You will not be prepared for what I have, but it is what you have been looking for all your life.

Now, not you nor science can show or explain the existence, or, the many Earth-World-Moon correlations, of the following. Only one image is needed to make this paranormal revelation. To you, the following are products of human imagination. Our ancient ancestors did not need imagination to see these images. We give our ancestors too much credit for the creation of mythology, legend and religious scripture:

Demonstrations on the origin or the following, but not limited to:

1. Veil

2. King Tut's Sarcophagus' (deified) image

3. Ancient Tongue Exposure

4. Circumcision

5. Caledonian Boar

6. Yellow Stone National Park Region (Captor-Captive)

7. Boot of Italy

8. Maneki Neko (Japanese City, commonly called the Welcome Cat)

9. Unicorn

10. Rocky Mountain Rams Head (when he look up, from where did the biblical Abraham get the sacrificial ram to displace his son Isaac? Was Moses a human being? Who was Achilles? What does Macchu Picchu, Peru, Moses & Aaron have in common? It's an image. What image?)

11. Do you know where the continent of South America exists as a multiple (negative) formation(s)?

12. Every known ancient tribe on earth preserved memories of these images. I have logged thousands. How many would you like? They all tell a different story about life on earth, different from what we know.

What you see is paranormal. You must believe.



Mr. Knowles,

I've received your September 13, 1997 letter.

I required you to state what you will actually do as a demonstration of your claim. It appears that you have some sort of historical theory that relates to pictures you think you have found on the Moon. The JREF has no interest in such theories, and there is no paranormal aspect to such ideas.

We reject your application.

-James Randi
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk
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