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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
We must not underestimate the complexity, not only of Italian law, but even of language. Especially for those intent on making the innocent seem guilty.

After all, the Knox - Sollecito case depends on what "see you later, have a good evening" means. This phrase is so innocent that Mignini truncated it to "see you later" in the arrest warrant for Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba; leaving out the "have a good evening" was more consistent with his crazy theory that Knox was agreeing to a meeting with Lumumba on November 1.

For the guilters, CPP Article 530.2; CPP Article 530,2; CPP Article 530 paragraph 2; and art. 530 comma 2 c.p.p., are all different legal beasts that they can define as they wish to further their agenda. The guilters engage in their bizarre confusion of nomenclatures and other baloney because they have no credible arguments.

Others may recognize that these are different labels for the same legal statement in the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure.

BTW, the Italian word "comma" translates to any of the following:

paragraph, subsection, subparagraph, comma, paragraph of

based on Google translate and Collins Reverso.

ETA: For each article of the CPP, each paragraph (=subsection) is numbered, beginning with "1" for the first paragraph.
Well, the "law" should be easy to understand, but I guess the "semantics game" is all that's left to play. "Acqiutted" doesn't mean "Exonerated" becomes "Knox wasn't definitely acquitted" and so on.
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Trials and Errors


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