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Tags !MOD BOX WARNING! , Amanda Knox , Italy cases , Meredith Kercher , murder cases , Raffaele Sollecito

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Originally Posted by bagels View Post
Probably the same odds that you and I (who are incapable of telling if someone is guilty or innocent because we're dummies unlike genius guilters), randomly picking a guilty person to support, and out of the many thousands of guilty people we could have picked to support who would have simply been convicted and carried off to a life sentence despite our support, we happened to pick one who would have their trial secretly rigged by the mafia, making our random pick appear valid.

BTW from Vixen's point of view this is exactly what happened and it doesn't phase her that each of us had an astonishing stroke of fortune in having picked a secret mafia conspiracy trial.
Could be. Or, we're simply just being paid by the massive million dollar PR campaign...still. Never mind that Marriott is dead, his company defunct and Knox has been definitively acquitted for over 4 years.
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Much of the reason for the corporate media's original willingness to vilify Knox (mostly) and Sollecito was to minimise awareness of an immigrant from the "Developing World" who turned out to be a natural-born killer (Rudy who?).

Let's face it, Rudy Guede isn't exactly a poster-boy for "Diversity", is he?

He's about as bad as it gets - an indolent, girl-bothering, thieving, waste-of-space who slashed a woman's throat for no reason other than that she had the effrontery to return to her own home just when he was robbing it.

People had made a habit of this in Guede's recent past, when all the poor guy was trying to do was survive by robbing their homes or places of work. The selfish bastards.

Poor Rudy. A "victim". A victim of his abusive parents (who were victims of their parents, who were victims of their parents ...).

Yes, Rudy Guede, a "victim" of the "deprivation" inflicted on him by ... who, again?

No wonder the Media was so "on message" in trying to make him disappear from this story.
"There is no sin except stupidity."
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International Skeptics Forum » General Topics » Trials and Errors


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