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Former challenge facilitator
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K. JACKOWSKI, Bremen Clairvoyant

In April I received an application from a gentleman in Germany on behalf of a "clairvoyant" named JACKOWSKI. I responded by informing him that Mr. Jackowski must submit his own application, and that no one may apply on behalf of another person.
I received no reply.

Today, I received an email from Mr. Treder stating that he had never received my reply. I once again replied via email.

Here is the claim:

Dear Sirs,
Now that we have applied for the Challenge we would like to present you with our pre-test. Mister Jackowski is a clairvoyant and would like to prove this. He has done that in the past and is willing to demonstrate that again and prove that "it" does exist. Different to others he can refer to official documents stating his ability.

The test should be as follows: Mr. Jackowski can reconstruct a criminal solved case of which he does not know, telling what happened, who the victim was and how it took place. The case can be from wherever you like; FBI, police, or whatever, as long as one can follow the facts and present the truth afterwards. What Mr. Jackowski should be presented with is personal belongings of the victim, such as photo, clothes last worn (but not washed, obviously), the first name and maybe such thing as glasses or similar. The items must definitely have belonged to the victim. Please DON'T mention historical facts about the victim, such as behavior, habits and job. You could if you wish present Mr. Jackowski with something that has to do with the case and was found at the location of the crime, but it is not essential.

Please be fair and only choose solved and closed files, not that Mr. Jackowski could not say anything about another, but it is easier for both parties to follows the details and testify the truth.

Yours, Martin Treder

My initial reply:

Dear Mr. Treder,
Thank you for your application. However, no one may apply on behalf of someone else. If Mr. Jackowski is the person with the paranormal ability, he himself must apply.

Assuming that Mr. Jackowski himself will soon submit his own Challenge application, I can briefly respond to some of the points in your claim letter which I think may bring about some problems.
Firstly, please keep in mind that JREF does not supply materials for the testing of claims. The applicant must supply all of the materials necessary. Hence, JREF will not initiate any correspondence with the FBI or police. The applicant must provide all the materials necessary for testing, as the onus of proof lies entirely with the applicant. All JREF provides is qualified observers, and a million dollars IF you pass preliminary and formal testing.

Hence, JREF will be unable to provide you with "articles from the crime scene", and other such evidence you may need.

I will wait for Mr. Jackowski's duly executed application before taking this matter further.

Yours, Kramer
JREF Paranormal Claims Dept.
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk
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International Skeptics Forum » Welcome to ISF » Other Skeptical Organizations » JREF » Million Dollar Challenge » Challenge Applications


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