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RUSSELL SHIPP, Texas Telekinetic

This claim arrived prior to my arrival here, in 2003. We could find no one interested in becoming involved in testing this claim, I finally got a response from NTS (north texas skeptics) who informed me that they had tested Mr. Shipp on several ocassions and offered him every opportunity to present evidence of his claim. They declined to become involved in another test of Mr. Shipp's claim, and rightly so.

Hee is the initial claim letter:
As for my stated power/ability I chose to demonstrate telekinesis. I shall when prompted move (spin) small freehanging items (objects hung on a string) in a sealed room with no air movement. I suggest two tests one with me inside the room a sufficient agreed upon distance away fronm the object. The second test should place me outside the room but with glass so as I can see what I move. This Challenge has been commisioned to award anyone who can demonstrate paranormal ability. Spining hung objects with my mind alone is my claim. Upon prleminary tests I will be open to discussion of demonstrations of other abilities.

-Russell Shipp
We accept your proposal provided that there are ten (10) small, hanging test items, each numbered. Upon random selection, you will move only the specified object, to the exclusion of all others. We believe that this would be a sufficiently fair and adequate preliminary demonstration of your abilities.
-Jonathan Pritchard, JREF

Dear Mr,. Prithchard
The protocol you sent me seems ideal. I would like to know when and where this demonstration will take place. -Russell Shipp

At this point, Mr. Pritchard had departed and Mr. Shipp was not heard from in some time. Not long after my arrival, I came upon Mr. Shipp's file and wrote to him the status of his claim, as his file was unclear in that regard. Apparently it was impossible to find someone near his home in San Antonio willing to test his claim. So, I re-confirmed the test protocol and began my own attempts to find an investigator in his basic vicinity.


Dear Mr. Shipp,
We would place ten items hanging. One would be chosen at random, at which point you would be asked to make one - and that one alone - turn. Is this acceptable to you? I'm still working hard on trying to locate someone in San Antonio. I regret the delay, and beg your continued patience. - KRAMER, JREF


Dear Mr. Kramer,
Let me assure you that I am eager and anxious to move forward with this protocol. - RUSSEL SHIPP


Dear Mr. Shipp,
There is no one in your area who can satisfactorily conduct proper testing of your claim. However, as you have stated that you are happy to travel any reasonable distance to see your claim tested, I recommend you now contact Mr. John Blanton at NTS. I will advise him of your forthcoming correspondence, and hopefully, he will either know of someone qualified to provide you with testing, or be able to provide testing through NTS. Please keep me abreast of all correspondence and let me know when a test date has been determined. - Kramer, JREF


This is the point at which I'd have thought that Mr. Shipp might have advised me of his previous tests through John Blanton and NTS. Mr. Blanton responded to me by stating that NTS had no interest in testing Mr. Shipp again. When I questioned Mr. Shipp about these previous events, he immediately became very defensive, as evidenced by (among other things) this email:


Kramer, the NTS Challenge sponsors had an interest in the outcome and were also the judge of the test so therefore I expected nio impartiality concerning the judgement of the results. Only flawed and biased knaves who although regarded me as a moron at first later invited me to join NTS. I declined. The delays and disrespect is not appreciated. After so long and bogus excuses nothing is proven or disproven yet except that the JREF is activelty working not to test someone despite having advertised an expressed interest in contract. Why the deception? Test me with the protocol that we agreed to. And please use people who don't have any affiliation with your group that lack concern with the results to verify the outcome. I'm sure I must prove the results to the challenge sponsor but that can be done with a camcorder and repeat demonstration. I let biased people judge me once already and they lied as to the results and reason. I await work from JREF. - RUSSELL SHIPP


Dear Russell,
I have looked through the NTS website and discussed matters with John Blanton, and unless he is a bold-faced liar and the NTS website is a complete and utter fabrication, it seems entirely clear that you received MORE than your share of fairness. Indeed, it often seemed as though Mr,. Blanton offered you repeated opportunities to verify your claim. As with so many other applicants who fail preliminary testing, you now take offense at both the results and at those who were willing to test your claim. This is not uncommon. I regret you hold these feelings, though, and I get no satisfaction from reading emails from sore losers. I wish you had won the money. Please feel free to apply again in 12 months. - KRAMER, JREF


Dear Kramer,
LEgally you are on very thin ice here. I repeatedly asked JREF and NTS if they were affiliated in any way. Everyone including Blanton denied any involvement with either organization. NTS are irrational skeptics that gave reasons such as light being the explanation for my telekinesis. The foundation of JREF has been very disrespectful to me personally for reasons I can only speculate about. Mr/ Blanton mocked my claim and changed the test protocol at whim. If all "skeptics" were like him I am sure the earth woiuld still be regarded as the center. As an intellectual I have been very patient with the JREF but now my patience is wearing thin. I do hereby affirm that Blanton and the 2nd witness (Parsaad) lied to themselves and everyone else in order to maintain a psychological sense of well being. Meaning they invented absurd and incorrect theories to explain poorly carried out tests. I triesd to help them maintain scientific integrity but they refused to hear any suggestions. Just because they put me on Google doesn't mean the NTS published the whole story.



As regards being "on thin ice legally", I doubt it. We are NOT affiliated with NTS, no more than NYU is "affiliated" with Columbia University, although we do share some common goals and we do ocassionally ask each other for assistance. We put you in touch with NTS becasue we try to never become personally involved in the actual testing procedure, in order to insure absolute impartiality. And, in their defense as well as yours, I do not believe they feel you to be a "moron" as you insisted in your previous email. I believe that they feel, as JREF does, that you are merely self-deluded. We are quite thoroughly convinced that you are NOT a fraud, and that you honestly believe your "powers" to be authentic.
Please let me know if you wish to debate matters further. - KRAMER, JREF


We have not heard from Russell Shipp since this last email.
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk
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