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Graham Cooper, TroubleMaker

According to my research (and some research conducted by concerned forum members), Mr. Cooper has caused considerable problems down under. Restraining orders have been issued against him as a result of his harrassment and threats against Australian Skeptics. His last email to me, in my humble opinion, strongly supports the issuance of those restraining orders. I'm very glad that he isn't a Florida native.

I received my first email from him a couple of weeks ago and posted it in the UNVERIFIABLE CLAIMS thread, after which some forum members googled him, which inspired me to check for his name in the files. There it was, in the REJECTED section.

His initial claim, as follows, was received here in 2001.


I can see two varieties of tests, and will try either one or both.

1- I am given about 20 cards of a single question each, each day preferably before I am exposed to any sources of information I hold one card and turn on a television to a random channel of my selection.

2- Each day I say aloud or write a question then turn on the television. The test runs for 5 or 10 days until the television answers are considered random, or it is considered improbable the answers are random.

A man who scores 70% guessing heads or tails has no claim with only ten tries, yet 700 out of 1,000 is improbable it is random, it can be statistically calculated what the chance of randomness is, one in trillions here. There is a judgement call of context with my test, yet deriving fact from consistent samples is what statistics is for. I will attach the account of my previous trials to aid in the decision how many trials are needed.

the following is from some recent mail describing the 'ability', not quite ESP, but maybe you'll agree it does demonstrate that thoughts can be read.

when I am confounded with a decision or question, any random event always points the way, it has to be something profound thats in your mind a few minutes, then all you do is turn on the tv or radio to a random channel and the answer is 'more often than not' explicit.

i excercise and gym isn't enough to see Jen in time...turn on telly...., came in stronger than expected, i think...
am i being monitored....turn on radio...'this is public domain'

i i have more than one mate...turn on radio...'the ONE i love' (maybe cryptic) i think...should i work on my computer program...turn on telly...'lots of work to do today'

it would be easy to explain if i was being bugged and said the qwuestions out aloud, basically i believe there is a parallel between my thoughts and the physical world, there must be some kind of convergence of events tio accomodate my ongoing life of coincidence.

here's a couple more tv super power comments

should i visit jen on a'totally backfire' i don't want to move to'..i gotta go where you are'

just check these with the other 4 again, there all in perfect context, like my thoughts aren't private, it's not like i'm just reading either a positive or negative answer from any utterance, if you replace any of the answers to a different question, it's out of context, the chance of a random utternace being in context must be a hundred of thousand to one, 6 days running with 6 perfect context responses is improbable, just check the matches between the thought and media response and i think you'll agree.
so either i'm making this up or the laws of physics are bung and the paranormal is real.

last year i could read hi level vague messages say from the first word you make in scrabble, the ingenuity with which the universe communicates to never stops, but when it commented on my fitness progress it spun me out how explicit it can be, hey i wonder if that skeptic society still pays a million if you can demonstrate esp.

oh, and i asked the tv if it would do a public test for me, flicked the channel to 'ofcourse'.

-Graham Cooper


The following correspondence with him begins here, on January 15, 2005, and ends, thankfully, only a few days later.


I have been writing for years that there is proof of paranormal in Townsville, Australia. There are over 1,000 witnesses of paranormal living here that have called me 'supernatural' for over 3 years. If a public offer is made by James Randi to investigate the claim, I will contribute $1,000 towards travel expenses. Proof of paranormal will be provided ON SIGHT, including perfect mind reading. You will hear my mind movements before you see me, there are 10,000 witnesses to this alone. Some power that always makes me lose poker! If I'm wrong, you get a partially funded down under tour. I look forward to hearing from you, I can make the contribution with a little notice. - Graham Cooper


I guess by this point hed forgotten all about his magic tv.

My response:


Dear Graham,
If you wish to become an applicant for the JREF PAranormal Challenge, you nmust first APPLY. You can acheive this by accessing our website ( and printing out the Challenge application. Follow the rules closely, and your application will be process upon receipt. Please be advised that Randi will not travel to Autralia to investigate your claim. We have investigators and colleagues throughout Australia who will investigate your claim on our behalf, should you choose to apply.

-Kramer, JREF Paranormal Claims Dept.


Thanks, but what if the proof is in a certain place? I got banned from Australia Skpetics Society, so do you have any other contacts. I realize I have to go through the right channels but applying is wasting my time and money unless there is some avenue for invvestigation at the end of it all. If you do have contacts in Australia that can briefly investigate a claim, the claim can be verfified on sight in my town in Austrlia, then it would only be a matter of $200 air ticket and one day's time. I have offered directly to Peter Bowditch (ass) to investigate in my town and they refuse to have anything to do with me. They will convince you too not to investigate that I am paranormal but its just catch-22, they refuse to test me, a current affair exposed ASS on national tv for refusing to test people and calling them deluded. I even applied to '' or something last month.

They want; #1- proof of God
#2- through some paranormal person.

I applied (its the JREF One Million they offer) and said HEY FIT THE BILL PERFECTLY. I can do paranormal because I'm the modern day Adam. They said (as did ASS) go see a doctor, we're a serious outfit. Don't you get it? I'm being blackwalled because my claim is not only paranormal, it's because I'm "The Chosen One".
Much the same thing. I'm being blackwalled because you advertise for Paranormal claimants but in the same breath you automatically refuse people on the grounsd that they are paranormal. I have 10,000 withnesses in this town, people on the inmternet cme up to me and say HI ADAM, even though I never use that name on the internet. Then they tell me they were in my part of town visiting and tell me all about me, give me tests to prove who I am. A dozen pole have posted on the internet from this town that they know about ASS have put a restraining order on me ADAM, can you find better in AUSTRALIA?

Yours Sincerely, Graham
p.s. the media knows who I am, George Bush knows who I am, half of Hollywood knows who I am. I'm the Mel Blancs of paranormal town.


Dear Mr, Cooper,

You are definitely suffering from some sort of mental illness. We cannot help you. I agree with others who have urged you to seek psychiatric help.

The JREF supports and encourages the scientific investigation of paranormal claims. The JREF does NOT involve itself in the testing of people who claim to be "The Chosen One". That is NOT a paranormal claim. It is a delusion, and a well-documented sympton of a very serious mental illness.

We wish you the best in your fight against this debilitating disease, which we sincerely urge you to embark upon at the earliest possible convenience.

That is all I can say to you, sir.

-Kramer, JREF


So you only test ordinary paranoral people?

You have to apply "I'm the only person in the world who can prove this, but I'm just an ordinary person with no powers or purpose"

Right, aye aye aye aye now I've got you...cookooo cookooo





Needless to say, I will not engage this seriously ill and potentially dangerous person any further.

I can only hope that this is the last we hear from Graham Cooper.
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk
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