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Old 5th January 2006, 09:19 AM   #1
Former challenge facilitator
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Marcus Tisdale, Street Light Controller

The 3rd claim of 2006...

My name is Marcus Tisdale, I am a 19 year old student, and I live in Hayward, California just a block away from the Superior Court of Alameda County. I also live in the vicinity of "Cal State East Bay" the local university, as well as the world-renowned UC Berkeley. The ability that I as a potential claimant will demonstrate is "Street Lights Interference" or the ability, by paranormal or otherwise unknown circumstances to turn regular street lights on and off solely as a result of my presence and not by coincidence. In order to demonstrate the vailidity of this ability, and in accordance with the rules of this Challenge, I will set the conditions by which it is determined that a successful test is conducted.

The formal (and preferably the preliminary test as well) would have to take place at night after dark, so it can be more easily discerned if I were the cause of the disturbances and because the streetlights would be activated. It would take place preferably just a block away from my gated community, on a designated test circuit determined by me. The reason behind this is because, for whatever reason, all streetlights do not respond to the interferences I seem to create but certain ones do so consistently when I pass them, of no more than 15 feet of their vicinity, within no more than 15 seconds.

If the observers or your appointed representatives are on hand, they would proceed before the designated street lights and determine if they are not randomly disfuctional or otherwise subject to other conditions so I can not fake my chances. It works even if they seem to be turned off, even at night. What's important is my ability to turn them off or on just by me being present. I would then walk before them (a total of 3 lights) and my ability would presumably turn them on or off. This process will be repeated for a total of 5 times before the 3 designated lights that are subject to my interference to achieve consistent results.

If you agree to these terms we may begin testing as soon as possible or if not we may renegotiae the conditions that can be reasonably and mutually agreed upon as stated in the contract. A self-labeled map is included in this package in reference to my area and the test circuit if needed.

-Marcus Tisdale

================================================== =====

Dear Marcus,

Thank you for submitting a duly executed JREF Paranormal Challenge application and claim letter.

Your claim is most definitely within the realm of the paranormal, and as such, we are able to accept it for testing, pending your timely fulfillment of one final requirement, as noted in Rule #13 of the Challenge application.

You must submit to us three (3) notarized affidavits from individuals who have witnessed a successful demonstration of your claimed ability. Being in such close proximity to several notorious universities, it is our hope that you will have little difficulty enlisting the assistance of persons employed there, to serve as your witnesses. I strongly suggest that you first seek the help of persons working in the field of psychology or medicine. To make things even simpler for you, we would also accept one affidavit (of the required three) from a parent. Please be sure that the affidavits are notarized by the signees, and please consult The Challenge FAQ (Point #4.8) for more details on this requirement, and on the contents of the affidavit.

I suggest that you show your claim letter to the 3 witnesses prior to the demonstration. Then, simply do what you claim you can do, have the witnesses write their brief affidavits, and be sure that they sign them before a Notary Public.

Once you have met this final requirement, we will formally accept your claim, and put you in immediate contact with our associates in the Bay area, with whom you can quickly arrange for a JREF Challenge preliminary test.

I look forward to your reply.

-Kramer, JREF Paranormal Claims Dept.
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Old 9th January 2006, 12:53 PM   #2
Former challenge facilitator
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 1,434
Dear Kramer,

Hi, and thank you for accepting my challenge. My question is regarding the " 3 notarized affadavits" what exactly is it you are refering to and where can I get the forms from?

I also have another question. My claim isn't particularly outrageous (such as being able to fly), so why are the three notarized affadavits neccessary in this case? I intend to continue on with the challenge and do all that is neccessary to fall within protocol, I just had a few questions. Thanks Kramer.


mo. or less

================================================== ====

Hello Marcus,

An "affidavit" is nothing more than a signed statement. The persons who write these affidavits must sign them before a Notary Public before you submit them to us for approval.

In my previous email I instructed you to read Challenge Rule #13 and Challenge FAQ Point# 4.8 for details regarding this requirement, which we reserve the right to waive or request, at our discretion, without further explanation. We feel that in this case, there is a simple explanation behind your claim, and that any number of persons may offer that to you in response to a proper demonstration. It would be best if you could enlist the assistance of someone who works in the electrical engineering field to observe your demonstration. Perhaps the answer you seek is simpler than the one you have imagined.

I look forward to your reply.

-Kramer, JREF Paanormal Claims Dept.
JREF Paranormal Challenge Desk
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International Skeptics Forum » Welcome to ISF » Other Skeptical Organizations » JREF » Million Dollar Challenge » Challenge Applications


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