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Browne gives exact location for Anthony Urciuoli Jr., but remains unsolved

Well, not really exact, but read:

SHOW: The Montel Williams Show (5:00 PM ET) - SYND
January 31, 2002 Thursday
LENGTH: 8904 words
HEADLINE: Searching for the truth with Sylvia Browne; people seek information about lost loved ones and the road ahead

HOST: Montel Williams

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Montel Williams, Diane Rappoport
WILLIAMS: All right. Last January, 31-year-old Tony vanished without a trace. I want you to take a look at this.

(Excerpt from videotape)

SANDY: Our son, Tony, brought so much joy to our lives. Tony and his sister were raised in a very close-knit family and we did everything together. But all that changed the night Tony disappeared.

Unidentified Reporter: Tony Jr. was last seen leaving his house January 24th around midnight. He had told his father he was heading to the Shark's pool hall. One day later, his car was found abandoned here near Spratt Park in Poughkeepsie. Police still don't know if foul play is involved or if Tony ran away from home.

SANDY: Tony was very close to all of us, and he wouldn't let a day go by without calling home. Something happened to my son. Tony has been missing for nearly a year and it's been a living nightmare. We hope Sylvia can help.

WILLIAMS: Please welcome Tony's parents, Sandy, Tony Sr. and their daughter, Lisa, to the show.

Sandy, who was--you saw him that night before he left out, correct?

SANDY: My husband did.

WILLIAMS: You did? You...

SANDY: I was--I was in bed.

WILLIAMS: You were in bed. So what happened that night? He just was going out to play pool, something he's done before.

TONY (Son Vanished Without a Trace on January 24, 2001): The diner he worked at for six years let him go at 11:30 at night. And I said, 'Anthony, how come you're home?' He says, 'They said they didn't need me.' He says, 'I'm going to go to bed.' So we chatted a little bit. He went to bed. About a half-hour later, he got a phone call and--he got paged, rather--and he s--got up. I said, 'Anthony, you just said you were going to bed.' He says, 'Dad, I work seven days a week. My friend called me. I'm going to go shoot pool for an hour, and I'll be home.' I says, 'OK, be careful.' I mean, he was a th--31-year-old kid who...

WILLIAMS: Good kid.

SANDY: A good kid.

WILLIAMS: Let me ask you this question, though. Did he--did he make it--from the police report or from that news report, we couldn't tell. Was the car found en route to the destination or found on the other side or somewhere completely unrelated?

TONY: It was s--found five minutes from our house north of where he said he was going.

Ms. BROWNE: Who did he know or who do you know by the name of Rudy?

SANDY: We don't.

TONY: No one.

Ms. BROWNE: OK. Because...

WILLIAMS: Do you know if he knows a Rudy? You said you don't, but did your son know a Rudy? Did he ever talk about Rudy?

SANDY: He never mentioned Rudy.

Ms. BROWNE: OK. Because there's a--a Rudy involved with this. The call that he got was from a female. Now he may have told you that it was, you know, business or whatever, but it wasn't, it was from a female that supposedly was in trouble. She acted like she was in trouble. And he also was involved or wanted to be involved with her, but she had a boyfriend. And that's where this comes in. In other words, this insane guy says, 'You won't have anything to do with this girl.' He was just trying to be a friend. And offed him.

LISA (Brother Vanished Without a Trace on January 24, 2001): How?

Ms. BROWNE: Hit him in the head and then shot him.

LISA: Where is he?

Ms. BROWNE: Why is everybody in water? There is a river near, not too far from that area.

SANDY: The Hudson River.

Ms. BROWNE: Yeah.

LISA: Where?

WILLIAMS: Is there an exact location? I mean...

Ms. BROWNE: It's really hard. If--if--if we were to take--OK, if we were to take a direct--let's say we take a thread or a--and let's say, and--and pull it directly from where he was to where the river was, directly to that part, that's where he would be. Now is it fairly far? Yes, but it doesn't matter. See, where a person is offed doesn't necessarily mean where they're...

LISA: Right. Right.

Ms. BROWNE: I'm working on two cases in which a person was killed in a trailer and taken somewhere else.

SANDY: Did somebody put his car at Spratt Park or did he drive it there?

Ms. BROWNE: He was driving. See, you gotta realize that this blonde that he was trying to help that was involved with this crazy person--Do you see what I mean? He was the confidante of this female, and this other guy thought that she was playing around with him. You know your son was a rescuer, don't you?


Ms. BROWNE: That he always was trying to help the underdog.


Ms. BROWNE: OK. This girl by the name of Cindy or Cynthia--this other person by the name of Rudy was figuring out or thought that your son was playing around with his girlfriend 'cause he was a nut anyway. He wasn't. He was trying to help her.

LISA: Will he be found?

Ms. BROWNE: I don't think so, honey. I don't think so.

SANDY: We'll have no closure.

Ms. BROWNE: Well, I think you'll have closure that he's on the other side, that he's been around ringing doorbells and phones and everything else. I think that's closure. I mean, that--you know that he made it to the other side.

TONY: Let me tell you, he--he was a very hard worker. He worked seven days a week all his life, and he was very conservative with his funds. And nothing was ever found.

WILLIAMS: What do you mean, nothing was ever found?

Ms. BROWNE: No money.

TONY: No money was ever found.

WILLIAMS: No money was ever found?


WILLIAMS: No money that he--what do you mean, in a bank account?

TONY: He saved money. I mean, all--all his working days. At one point, in his college days, he had three jobs besides going to college.

Ms. BROWNE: Yeah. But, see, I think there's a bank account that hasn't been found.

WILLIAMS: I sh--well, I gotta take a break. And just--just so you know this, you ought to have a detective look for money.

Ms. BROWNE: Exactly.

WILLIAMS: We've done shows about just that...

Ms. BROWNE: Missing money.

WILLIAMS: ...lost money.

I gotta take a break. We're going to take a break.

Ms. BROWNE: Montel's right about that.

WILLIAMS: And when we come back, we're going to meet a woman who says strange things keep happening in her house. We'll take a break. We'll be back right after this.
Browne got a bunch of "no's" from the family, and said the body won't be found. Nothing has confirmed to validate Browne's claims.

The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
February 10, 2004 Tuesday
All Editions
LENGTH: 1339 words
HEADLINE: A psychic on the case;


Anthony Urciuoli of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., estimates he has spent $50,000 to find his missing son, Tony, including fees to some 10 or so psychics. Authorities are still investigating the case, and the family has offered a $100,000 reward.

Tony Urciuoli, 31, left home on Jan. 24, 2001, saying he was going to play pool and would be back in a couple of hours. His car later turned up in a nearby baseball park.

Since then, his father said, nearly all of the psychics, including Browne, have told him the same thing: Tony was tricked out of his house, killed, and then dumped into a body of water. They also have given him enough reason to believe they may be right.

Six months ago, one of them said: "Your son tells me you just put new tires on your car," Urciuoli said. "I had ... . There's always something these psychics come up with that is right on the mark."

Some psychics will employ "retrofitting," in which they will match predictions or observations to facts in the case and discard the rest, said Joe Nickell, a former magician and private detective who is now with the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal in Amherst, N.Y.

Through 30 years of research, "we don't have evidence of anyone using ESP to solve a crime," Nickell said. "If you want to be a psychic, just make lots of guesses. Once in a while you get lucky."

Marc Klaas agreed.

"They throw enough stuff at you, so that once your person is located, some of the elements they gave you will be incorporated," he said.Despite the criticism, Viola remains hopeful.

Missing man's case a puzzle since '01: Family keeps hope despite few clues

By Larry Fisher-Hertz
January 19, 2004
Poughkeepsie Journal

On a cold January night nearly three years ago, Anthony Urciuoli Jr. told his parents he was going out to shoot pool with friends and would be back in an hour or two.

No one in the family has seen him since, and police say they haven't been able to determine whether the 31-year-old Town of Poughkeepsie man is dead or just decided to leave town.

Another source:,2933,122398,00.html
Missing person's page:

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Robert, has the email for the family. Maybe you can ask about their experience with Browne? Was she helpful? Would they pay $750 for a reading with her?
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