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Tags hot reading , Michelle O'Keefe , sylvia browne

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Hot reading? Browne's reading of Michelle O'Keefe

Description of Browne's reading:

PAPER: Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: Nov 3, 2000: pAV1.
BY: Greg Botonis Staff Writer

PALMDALE - A psychic appearing Thursday on Montel Williams' daytime talk show said 18-year-old slaying victim Michelle O'Keefe was killed by a man wearing a blue uniform and a badge.

During the show, Sylvia Brown, a self-proclaimed psychic, told Mike and Pat O'Keefe that their daughter's killer was a blue-eyed, dark-skinned white man named Lee or Leon, who fled the scene on a shuttle bus.

"He's very dark-complected and could be mistaken as being black, but he's not,'' Brown said on the show, which aired Thursday. "He had a blue uniform with a pocket and a badge or something over it.''

Brown also indicated that O'Keefe's Feb. 22 slaying was one in a series of killings in "that locale,'' although homicide investigators say there is no evidence of that. She also confirmed investigators' belief that O'Keefe did not know the person who fatally shot her.

When Mike O'Keefe asked Brown about the missing weapon, Brown said the gun used in the killing is not at the scene, but is in a large green metal trash can next to an elevator or door with buttons nearby. She said the trash can has not been emptied since Michelle O'Keefe was fatally shot at the park-and-ride lot on Avenue S in Palmdale.

The O'Keefes flew to New York on Oct. 8 to be guests on the show, which was taped Oct. 11, which would have been Michelle's 19th birthday.
Although Brown claims to have helped law enforcement agencies around the United States, local homicide investigators said they were skeptical of her abilities. Still, they said, they never turn away any information.
Full article in archive

As it turns out, the person matching that description who was charged had also been a long time suspect:

Iraq War veteran to stand trial in slaying of SoCal student

10:59 p.m. June 20, 2006

A Superior Court judge ruled there was enough evidence to put Army National Guard sergeant Raymond Lee Jennings on trial for the Feb. 22, 2000, killing of Michelle O'Keefe. The 18-year-old woman was shot four times as she sat in her blue Ford Mustang in park-and-ride lot in Palmdale, about 40 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Jennings, now 32, was a security guard in the lot at the time.

Authorities have said they long considered Jennings a suspect
in O'Keefe's killing because he appeared to have changed his story about how he found her

More on why he was a suspect "within months" of the murder, and about the parents' a civil lawsuit against the suspect in December 2000:

PAPER: Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: June 9, 2006: pAV1.

LANCASTER -- A former security guard accused of the 2000 slaying of a Palmdale teenager in a parking lot became a suspect after he told investigators he couldn't see her killer even though he watched her car roll backward when gunshots were fired from close range, a homicide detective testified Thursday.

Raymond Lee Jennings, the security guard who patrolled the Park and Ride lot the night Michelle O'Keefe was killed, told detectives he couldn't explain why he didn't see the person who fired the fatal shots, although he acknowledged the shots seemed to be fired by someone close enough to stick his gun hand through the driver's side window that was partially open, sheriff's Detective Diane Harris testified.
Detectives said they doubted other parts of Jennings' account, such as his statement that he saw O'Keefe's fingers twitching and a faint pulse in her neck when he was called to the car by the supervisor he had alerted to the shooting. Detective Richard Longshore said an expert termed the possibility of seeing a pulse then highly unlikely.
Jennings became a suspect within months of the shooting. He was named in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed in December 2000 by O'Keefe's parents but was not criminally charged until prosecutors filed the case Nov. 15, about two days before Jennings, a sergeant in the Army National Guard, returned home on leave.
Full article in archive

PAPER: Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
DATE: May 24, 2006: pAV1.

Wes Chormicle, who worked after the killing at a Lancaster car dealership with former Park and Ride security guard Raymond Lee Jennings, also said he overheard Jennings tell other employees details of Michelle O'Keefe's slaying, such as the sequence of shots and that there was evidence of which investigators were not aware.
Chormicle said he and Jennings watched an episode of the ``The Montel Williams Show'' on which a psychic said that O'Keefe's killer's name had a Lee or Leroy in it.
Full article in archive

In sum, Browne described the person who had long before been the police's suspect, and who was the only person at the crime scene. In fact, the parents filed a civil lawsuit against him within the year of the child being murdered.

While Browne got the basic facts of the suspect right, she was wrong about him " fle[eing] the scene on a shuttle bus" and other details.

1) February 22, 2000:
Michelle O'Keefe murdered.
2) Shortly after:
Raymond Lee Jennings, the only witness, was the security guard on duty and gave contradictory statements.
3) "Within months":
Raymond Lee Jennings becomes a suspect.
4) October 11, 2000:
The parents are taped for a Montel show with Browne who said a "Lee or Leon" was involved.
5) December 2000:
The parents file a wrongful-death lawsuit against Raymond Lee Jennings.
6) November 15, 2005:
Raymond Lee Jennings charged with the murder.

Further reading
More details about the case: or search key terms with

Video about the case

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Digging around I found this from :

A friend of my step-daughters parents went on her show about their Daughter Michelle O’Keefe & she gave them bad advice & brushed them off. She took them that the murder weapon was in something green that goes up & down & hasn’t been emptied for a long time. Needless to say many police hours & family hours were spent looking for something green. Wow amazes me how she leads families on………………………………. I think this hurts more than it help.
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Old 6th July 2007, 03:29 PM   #3
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A "dark-skinned white man"? Boy, Sylvia really has it in for dark-skinned people, doesn't she?
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That's great, QG.

I wonder if she did the same thing with Chris Mineer, the innocent man Montel proclaimed a murderer. Did she just get lucky, unlucky rather, with the name "Chris" or did she know beforehand that the police had investigated him?
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