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Many thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (ACLU-PA) for allowing us to use the files they had prepared.

"...The citizens of the Dover area were poorly served by the members of the Board who voted for the ID Policy," Jones wrote. "It is ironic that several of these individuals, who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID Policy.....More Click here!"

The opinion can be downloaded here.

Introduction by Luke T.:  
The genre: Drama. The setting: a courtroom. The cast: Theologians, scientists, teachers, lawyers, parents, politicians, and a judge. The plot: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. The prize: A classroom filled with young minds.

If this story begins to sound familiar to you, just remember the time is not 1925. The place is not Tennessee. The image is not black and white. This is 2005 in Dover, Pennsylvania brought to you in full living color. Read on...





Day 1


AM: Opening statements, Kenneth Miller
PM: Kenneth Miller
Transcript Day 1 AM (174k PDF)
Transcript Day 1 PM (222k PDF)
Day 2 9/27/05 AM: Ken Miller, Tammy Kitzmiller
PM: Aralene "Barrie" Callahan, Bryan Rehm
Transcript Day 2 AM (188k PDF)
Transcript Day 2 PM (227k PDF)
Day 3 9/28/05 AM: Robert Pennock
PM: Robert Pennock, Christy Rehm, Beth Eveland

Transcript Day 3 AM (157k PDF)
Transcript Day 3 PM (218k PDF)

Day 4 9/29/05 AM: Carol "Casey" Brown
PM: Carol "Casey" Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Frederick Callahan
Transcript Day 4 AM (116k PDF)
Transcript Day 4 PM (312k PDF)
Day 5 9/30/05 No morning session
PM: John Haught

Transcript Day 5 PM (197k PDF)

Day 6 10/5/05 AM: Barbara Forrest
PM: Barbara Forrest
Transcript Day 6 AM (174k PDF)
Transcript Day 6 PM (276k PDF)
Day 7 10/6/05 AM: Barbara Forrest, Jennifer Miller
PM: Jennifer Miller, Bertha Spahr
Transcript Day 7 AM (328k PDF)
Transcript Day 7 PM (234k PDF)
Day 8 10/8/05 AM: Bertha Spahr, Brian Alters
PM: Brian Alters, Cnythia Sneath, Steven Stough
Transcript Day 8 AM (173k PDF)
Transcript Day 8 PM (312k PDF)
Day 9 10/14/05 AM: Steven Stough, Kevin Padian
PM: Kevin Padian, Joel Leib
Transcript Day 9 AM (288k PDF)
Transcript Day 9 PM (187k PDF)
Day 10 10/17/05 Defense Begins

AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe

Transcript Day 10 AM (245k PDF)
Transcript Day 10 PM (149k PDF)

Day 11 10/18/2005 AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe
Transcript Day 11 AM (259k PDF)
Transcript Day 11 PM (189k PDF)
Day 12 10/19/05 AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe
Transcript Day 12 AM (234k PDF)
Transcript Day 12 PM (133k PDF)
Day 13 10/20/05 No morning session
PM: Richard Nilsen

Transcript Day 13 PM (217k PDF)
Day 14 10/21/05 AM: Richard Nilsen
PM: Richard Nilsen, Michael Baksa
Transcript Day 14 AM (245k PDF)
Transcript Day 14 PM (201k PDF)
Day 15 10/24/05 AM: Steve William Fuller
PM: Steve William Fuller
Transcript Day 15 AM (268k PDF)
Transcript Day 15 PM (228k PDF)
Day 16 10/27/05 AM: William "Bill" Buckingham
PM: William "Bill" Buckingham, Heather Bernhard-Bubb
Transcript Day 16 AM (164k PDF)
Transcript Day 16 PM (287k PDF)
Day 17 10/28/05 AM: Heather Bernhard-Bubb, Joseph Maldonado
PM: Heather Geesey, Michael Baksa
Transcript Day 17 AM & PM (354k PDF)
Day 18 10/31/05 AM: Alan Bonsell
PM: Alan Bonsell
Transcript Day 18 AM (167k PDF)
Transcript Day 18 PM (196k PDF)
Day 19 11/2/05 AM: Alan Bonsell
PM: Sheila Harkins, Michael Baksa
Transcript Day 19 AM (309k PDF)
Transcript Day 19 PM (280k PDF)
Day 20 11/3/05 AM: Michael Baksa
PM: Scott Minnich
Transcript Day 20 AM (136k PDF)
Transcript Day 20 PM (190k PDF)
Day 21 11/4/05 AM: Scott Minnich
PM: Closing arguments
Transcript Day 21 AM (298k PDF)
Transcript Day 21 PM (228k PDF)
Plaintiffs' closing argument (767k PDF)

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