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Originally Posted by DavidJames View Post
I'm sorry dazed, a person who reaches a conclusion of this significant of an event solely by watching a video is an idiot, as are the people that subsequently point to that persons "analysis". I don't care what their credentials are.

Should he ever actually analyze the evidence and data, perhaps publish it for peer review by those who also examined the evidence and data, then the idiot label may not apply.

Now for the comment WTC 7 "looked like CD". Perhaps it does, but so what! Who cares what it looked like. It means nothing, zero, got it?
I found myself feeling sorry for Jowenko towards the end of my short interview of him. He is actually quite adamant that WTC7 was a CD. He had no reservations whatsoever about being put "on the record" by a newspaper reporter.

This was precisely why I did the reporter bit: #1 it gave me access to Danny Jowenko himself. #2 If he told me anything he would know that his words could be made very public.

I expected him to mull this idea of a controversial statement to the press. He didn't. He was very charming,..and quite convincing...if I didn't already know what I do about WTC7 I'd have placed great weight on his opinion.

I've had time to reflect on my little trip down dishonesty lane...and on retrospect my sin was tiny when compared to CTists who take screenshots of blogs and pass them off in their "documentary" as stories my MSM outlets. But it still made me feel dirty. I wonder if Dylan Avery ever feels dirty?

I expected Jowenko would express dismay that people were passing his reaction on film off as something it wasn't. Instead I found him to be completely taken in by the yeah...I'm sorry for him as he seems a nice bloke who now will have to defend an indefensible opinion to his peers. He'll be a laughingstock....or at the least his reputation will suffer mightily.

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