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Originally Posted by american793 View Post
To everyone who has Chonological issue,s with My story. I did tel my story to match a time frame, This is where everyone is a time expert and I really do not care because I was so Afraid. I do not care if I am 20 minutes off this this way nor do I care if I am twenty minutes off another way. I will be Damned if I have to change My story to suit the real order of events. I am 53 Years old and I have Lymphoma. I did NOT Rehearse a planned time for certain thing because I am a Blue Collar worker and I was scared to Death. All of you want to play Monday mornig Quaterbanf now that all of this information is out and you expect me to fit that time line. I was so scared that day I did not know what Happened at what time. I am very very sorry. My story is not to fit the inernet but to tell it as I PRECIEVED IT THAT VERY MORING. So please do not beat me up on Details.
Sam Daner
Sam, this isn't a matter of insignificant details. Your story cannot have happened as you tell it. You say you were at the Amtrak coach yard in D.C. when you heard from your wife about flight 77 incoming, the F-16s, etc. Then you got in your car, sped around, made a wrong turn, got stuck in traffic, wound up across the Potomac near the Pentagon, and saw a small plane hit the Pentagon that others say was a 757.

Even the military didn't know about the flight headed to DC until less than 4 minutes before it hit the Pentagon. That's not a small detail.

Sam, your story is impossible.

I will be Damned if I have to change My story to suit the real order of events.
Well there we have it. Please seek help, Sam.
"Please, keep your chops cool and don’t overblow.” –Freddie Hubbard

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