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Originally Posted by Rincewind View Post
I'm really puzzled by this whole thread. You seem to believe that you've uncovered a huge conspiracy, but what do you do? You go to a web forum to spout your theory. This really makes no sense. What do you hope to achieve here? All I've seen is that after months of effort, with many, many walls of text from you, you appear to have convinced approximately zero people.

Can you enlighten me as to why you're here, please, Patrick? I'm genuinely curious.

BTW - how did you meeting with the NASA experts go?

Oh, right....
He is posting to get a response. Any response.

Dr. Tea posts his opening 'Lost Bird' Wall-O-Text, but got zero replies, so he dropped that web site. But over at Apollo Hoax and BAUT, he got replies. But since the rules over there require that he respond to critics, and not create puppets, he eventually got banned. But here at JREF, he does not have to answer critics. As long as he follows the rules, he can continue to post garbage. And as long as he gets replies, he will continue to post garbage. It's all about the interaction he craves. Notice he does not post at conspiracy web sites. He would not get to have the interaction with the experts he so desires. The name of one of his latest puppets really explains it: forthethrillofital . That is why he is doing this: 'For the thrill of it' He will gain nothing, which is unfortunate, because there is so much great info being posted.
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