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Several comments about posts above. First, wow, lots of leads here. Can Ivan or Oystein sort through these and find out if any of these debris memorials might have what we are looking for?

BTW in support of what MM said, when Kevin Ryan was still talking to me, he said that he has in his possession both red-grey paint chips and red-grey thermitic chips, "and I can tell you they are not the same." He claimed that they look different to the eye, but more importantly, that the thermitic chips have an exothermic quality that the paint chips don't. Unfortunately, he refused to release the samples to me or Millette, and our personal connection broke down around that time. I was never able to get samples of these different kinds of chips, or more info about them in relation to the Bentham paper. Nor did I know at that time about the two different types of paint primer in use at WTC. So MM is right that the Bentham authors knew there were paint chips, but his noncooperation has made it impossible to know what he actually has. In the meantime, however, the Millette study has not been credibly refuted when it comes to the question of which chips he tested. Many 9/11 Truth people seem to agree that his methodology in finding the correct chips was sound.

Oystein I doubt Millette would have any interest in a concoction made up to imitate the original LaClede paint. he wants the real thing, for a number of good reasons.

As for the various pieces of steel debris in the WTC memorials, can Ivan or Oystein ID any possible places where trusses are to be found in any of them for a possible scraping?

I like Ivan's idea of writing to PPG for original samples. BTW the only reason I get as many answers as I do is because I keep asking, respectfully and sincerely, by email and phone, over and over again until it takes more time to ignore me than to answer me. Is anyone willing to take on the PPG request Ivan outlines above? This would be the gold standard in my mind.

I may be wrong, but I wonder if a known sample of LaClede from a forensic scientist with a vast collection of paint chip samples would be even better than a scraping from the WTC debris? Millette has been looking for both, asking forensic scientists at all the conventions he attends if they have various paint samples as well as scraping off a bit of a WTC memorial that passed through his hometown of Atlanta.
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