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Moderator Agreement

“Moderator Agreement”

By accepting the volunteer role of Moderator or Administrator of the International Skeptics Forum (ISF) you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and the spirit of this Moderator Agreement.


Your primary duty is to ensure that the Forum meets the expectation of the TribeTech AB by ensuring that the Membership abides with the Membership Agreement. In general Moderators and Administrators are also Members of the Forum and have the same privileges to participate in the Forum as all other Members, with the exceptions mentioned in this agreement.

As a Moderator or Administrator

You may post, as a Member on any subject and in any manner or style allowed by the terms of the Membership Agreement. However if you post on a matter regarding the Administration and Moderation of the forum, you will endeavor to ensure your personal opinions and comments are clearly distinguished from any official Administration and Moderation posts.

Ignore Feature:
Since you may be required to respond to any Member or any posts, you may not use the “Ignore” feature.

Any information that you may learn that is of a confidential nature, pertaining to TribeTech AB, the ISF or a Member of the Forum is to be treated as confidential and must not be shared with others without the prior consent of either TribeTech AB or the Member in question. (Confidential information includes but is not limited to real names and email, IP or “real” addresses.) You agree to maintain this confidentiality even if you leave the Moderating Team.

Note for Members: PMs or emails sent to a Moderator or Administrator regarding the ISF or a Moderation or Administration action may be shared with other Moderators or Administrators and recorded in the “Coordination” Moderator and Administrator only forum.

Note for Moderators and Administrators: Permission should be sought from the Member if you believe their PM or email reveals private or personal information not already known to the Moderation Team.


Responding to Reports:
You must have an active email address that you regularly check for Reports generated by Members. When you receive a Report you should check to see if it has been dealt with and moved or copied from the “Received Report Log” into the “Report Log”. Any action taken regarding a Report must be recorded in the Report Log entry along with any relevant information, if a warning (also known as an “infraction”) has already been issued via the "Infraction System" then ensure the warning thread generated is linked to the Report Log entry. If the Report requires discussion, a new thread should be started in the “Coordination” Moderator and Administrator only forum or if appropriate a new post into an existing thread.

You should regularly check for any recorded but outstanding Reports in the “Received Report Log”.

Requests and Warnings:
You have the responsibility to ensure requests and warnings are issued in an appropriate manner. Warnings should be made via the "Infraction System" (if possible). You may also choose to make a request to a Member private via a PM or email or you may choose to make the request or warning public as a post in a thread or as an announcement thread. The general guideline is that if the request or warning will serve a purpose beyond addressing an issue with a specific Member, then it should be made public.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

(Please note all usage of "deletion" in the following sections refers to the software feature known as "soft deletion". This removes a post or thread from public view but does not delete it from the database. Only Administrators may permanently remove threads or posts.)

Deleting Posts:

Posts may only be deleted to remove instances of spamming, flooding or duplication.

You may delete posts to remove any content that you consider is detrimental to the expectations TribeTech AB has for the forum.

Moderators and Administrators:
Deletions should be recorded in the Report Log section.

Editing Posts:

Post content may only be edited to remove or alter content that is in violation of the Membership Agreement. Editing that does not alter the content (e.g. to correct formatting or links) is allowed.

Edits should be clearly marked by using the “Edit Box”. (Ensure that your name and the reason for the edit are clearly stated.) As a general policy the edit box should appear in the same place as the edited content was removed; the exception to this (at your discretion) is when a word has been “asterisked” under Rule 10 - "No profanity”. Then the edit box may appear at the end of the post. If you need to post further comments, such as a warning then you should use “Moderator’s Box” in conjunction with the “Edit Box(es)”. You may also use the "Reason for editing:" field to indicate an edit.

You may edit posts to remove or alter any content that you consider is detrimental to the expectations the TribeTech AB has for the forum.

Moderators and Administrators:
A copy of the original unedited post should be made and added to the Report Log under the name of the post's author.

Moving threads

Moderators and Administrators
Threads may be moved at your discretion. When a thread is moved to a more appropriate Forum section use the “move with re-direct notice” option along with an expiring time period. If a thread is moved to “Abandon All Hope” then no re-direct notice is required.

Deleting Threads

Threads may only be deleted to remove instances of spamming, flooding or duplication.

You may delete threads to remove any content that you consider is detrimental to the expectations TribeTech AB has for the forum. If you permanently delete a thread from a section a copy of the deleted thread should be made and stored in “Deep Storage” and a link placed in the Report Log under the name of the originating post's author.

Splitting Threads

Moderators and Administrators
Threads may be split at your discretion. However as a guideline the agreement of the main participants in the thread should be sought before a split is made.

Posts from threads may also be split to Abandon All Hope when it is considered the posts are at borderline inappropriate and causing a disruption to the thread or Forum section, such threads should be named “Split from: [original thread title]”.

Merging Threads

Moderators and Administrators
Threads may be merged at your discretion.

Closing Threads

Moderators and Administrators
You may temporary or permanently close a thread. You should post a reason for the temporary or permanent closure in the thread using a Moderator Box. Also ensure that the closure is noted in the “Log” along with your reason for the closure.

Renaming Threads

You may rename threads. If you edit a thread title put "[Ed]" at the start of the thread title to indicate it has been edited.

Moderator and Administrator Actions

All your actions as either a Moderator or Administrator must be recorded either in the Report Log entry of a Report or as a clearly identified thread in the “Coordination” Moderator and Administrator only section or, if appropriate, a new post into an existing thread.

Moderator actions (and Administrator actions when acting as Moderators) are subject to appeal. The appeal will be handled by a Moderator and an Administrator not involved in the action (if possible).

Administrator actions (when acting as Administrator) can be appealed to Darat and/or ISF Staff.
All appeal decisions are final.

This agreement may be changed at any time and if you do not agree to be bound by any changes then you will notify an Administrator or Darat and will immediately step down as a Moderator or Administrator.

Edited 31st March 2005: "Rename Thread" section amended.
Edited 2nd October 2005: Correct formatting errors after import.
Edited 25th October 2005: Revised for "Automated Warning System" and new software features.
Edited 3rd December 2005: Changed JREF representative to "Jeff".
Edited 14th August 2005: Added note about changes to reporting system.
Edited 27th February 2007: Amended to reflect changes in the Forum software and changes to the internal logging of Reports and Moderator Actions. Added section dealing with posts split to Abandon All Hope. Amended wording of appeal section.
Edited 20th October 2007: Changed reference to Rule 8 to Rule 10
Edited 2nd November 2010: Changed reference to Jeff Wagg to Darat
Edited 29th December 2014: Changed references to JREF/JREF Forum

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