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Originally Posted by Ziggi View Post
Mr. Thomas, you did not reply to my last post, but it would be interesting to know if you intend to do another experiment in a lab to try to prove that burning paint can create iron-spheres, or if you are done? Do you still need other points addressed in regards to your barrel burn?
I still think that the spheres I found were most likely from the burned paint, but acknowledge there is some possibility they may have been pre-existing. But even so, you have not responded to the very simple point that Ivan made with his original comment (highlighted for you below):
Originally Posted by Ivan Kminek
Ivan Kmínek 2 years ago in reply to Ziggi Zugam
I agree that the one loosely attached microsphere could basically originate from e.g. steel barrel. But, Dave simply found and documented these microspheres definitely not originating from any thermitic reaction, which was the basic goal. They are as good as any other found iron-rich microspheres, as proofs.
Your talk about creation of iron-rich spheres from lead chromate is irrelevant. We have repeated many times that these microspheres are probably created from the rust, not from paint)
There is your basic problem. Thermite never came anywhere near that barrel, or the beams, or any part of that experiment. So, while it's marginally possible that the sphere may have been a pre-existing bit of iron, there are many non-thermitic methods for producing such spheres. It is well-known that iron-rich microspheres are generated by grinding, by using flint, by fires, and even by simply smashing two rusty iron balls together, with one of them coated with aluminum foil. The kinetic energy of the colliding balls is more than enought to initiate the thermitic reaction, sparks and noise and all. I have made babies cry with this demonstration - it was too startling, somewhat like firecrackers.

What you and Criteria need to address is the simple fact that there are many ways to make iron microspheres BESIDES thermite, and also that the thermitic reaction itself can be produced simply by having rusty iron pieces impact with aluminum, also producing microspheres. That will probably be the topic of my next experiment. I may try a paint burn under more controlled conditions, but frankly, if I can get iron-rich microspheres simply by smacking cannon balls together to abrade aluminum foil, then that would explain why WTC dust has such microspheres, and would be the death knell for Harrit's botched analysis.
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